Thomas Sperling, raised in DeLand, Florida, earned his B.F.A. at St. Andrews College in North Carolina and then moved to New York City. His first job was at the Museum of Modern Art as an assistant curator in the art-lending services.

With his real interest being in illustration, Sperling began attending The Art Students League where he studied under Steven Katz, a leading illustrator from the 1930's-1950's. His first professional work was painting covers for Harper Collins (then Harper & Row), including a series of paperback reissues of murder mysteries from the 40's and 50's. He also did freelance work for children's magazines and was twice awarded the Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence.

His first children's book was BIG BILL, a "bad dog" story for Scholastic, Inc. He has since illustrated over 50 books. THE WISH RING, a picture book for Star Bright Books was awarded the Small Press Book Award for Best Juvenile/Young Adult Book. The following year, THE ENORMOUS TURNIP, also from Star Bright Books, was first runner-up for the same award.

Since then, Sperling has worked largely in England, including a series of revised classics for both Oxford and Cambridge University Presses including titles  such as ALADDIN, THE SCARLET LETTER, RIP VAN WINKLE AND THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW and HAMLET.

Other recent titles include THE ADVENTURES OF JACK THE GIANT KILLER (Compass Publishing), THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Igloo), 50 MAGICAL STORIES (Miles Kelly), THE CHARIOT RACE (bSmall Publishing), TREASURE ISLAND and ROBINSON CRUSOE (North Parade) and THE BOY'S ANNUAL (Buster Books)

Sperling was the creating illustrator for the LAND OF THE LETTER PEOPLE (Abrams and Co., Publishers), the best-selling reading program for kindergarten and the first grade in the USA.

He currently divides his time between Berks County, Pennsylvania and Timberscombe, Somerset in the UK.